Who made champion shotgun?

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2008-08-26 04:22:50

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Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works made a champion model shotgun.

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2008-08-26 04:22:50
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Q: Who made champion shotgun?
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What would a champion shot gun be worth?

i think about as much as a champion shotgun i think about as much as a champion shotgun

What is the value of a Belgium made Champion double barrel shotgun?

in your as جوة تيظك يا ابن المتناكة

When was your Iver Johnson Champion 16 Ga GCBC made?

There were 3 different models of the champion shotgun in 16 gauge that were produced.The Iver Johnson champion top snap model was made from 1905-1908.The champion model 36 was made from 1909-1922.The champion single barrel was made from 1923-1978.If your shotgun has a serial number and a prefix letter before the serial number,we should be able to identify the year of production.Please include this in your description to help better identify the year of production.

Who makes the 1901 champion 12 gauge shotgun?

Iver Johnson

When did they stop making the Iver Johnson champion shotgun?

Lack of demand

When did Iver Johnson start making the Champion shotgun?

Sometime in the 1880's.

Where can you buy parts for 410 single shot Iver Johnson Champion shotgun?

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How can you be certain that a 410 Montgomery Ward Hercules breakopen shotgun with no serial number was manufactured by Savage?

It was made by Iver Johnson after their Champion Model for Montgomery Ward

Was there ever a Iver Johnson Champion 24 gauge made?

I'm not sure if it's a champion but I do own an Iver Johnson 24 gauge shotgun...single break action...I beleive they were made between 1909 to 1913... my grand father first gun at 14 yrs old...

What is the value of a Iver Johnson 28 gauge Champion shotgun?

50-100 USD

What can you tell me about a champion single shot gun serial number 2103 or IFXT?

More than likely, you have a Champion Model of an Iver Johnson shotgun. The Champion was made in a few different grades from about 1909-1973- quite a run. Standard model in good condition about $150, others higher. These were durable, well made guns- just not really high priced.

Champion 12 gauge shotgun 36 inch barrel?

i have heard of a H&R ''LONG TOM" shotgun/also known as a goose gun

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