Who made a M1 carbine marked Saginaw?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Saginaw Steering Gear Division of General Motors, in Grand Rapids MI. See link at bottom of this page

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Q: Who made a M1 carbine marked Saginaw?
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Who and when was the M1 carbine marked Saginaw Sg serial no 3433616 made?

Your carbine was made in Grand Rapids MI by the Saginaw Steering Gear division of General Motors. Appears to be from late 1943 to early 1944. Saginaw made roughly 293,592 M1 carbines and made receivers for others assembled by different manufacturers. If you look on the top of the barrel, about half way between the end of the stock and the front sight, you may see a small stamped date. If the date is there, that is when the barrel was made.

What is the date of manufacture of Saginaw Carbine 30 cal M1 serial number 3540610?

Between May 1943 and February 1944.

Who made m1 carbine serial number 3335839?

Your serial number was assigned to a block of serial numbers which ranged from 3,250,020-3,651,519.These serial numbers were given to Saginaw Gear(Saginaw by the for production from May-1943 thru Feb.-1944.I hope that you find this info helpful.

Will a scope mount for an M1 carbine fit a universal M1 carbine?

It should if it fits on other kinds of M1 Carbines.

When was M1 Carbine Inland Mfg SSN?

All military M1 Carbines were made between 1941 and 1945.

What company manufactured a carbine marked with the letters QUAL HMC above the serial number?

Quality Hardware & machine Co.. Made m1 carbines from Feb1943 to May 1944

What round does the M1 Carbine use?

.30 Carbine

What was the year of production a of Saginaw SG M1 Carbine Serial Number 3335431?

The serial numbers assigned to Saginaw Gear(Saginaw) were 2 groups.Your group was serial numbers 3,250,020-3,691,519.These numbers were used for M-1 Carbines assembled from May-1943,thru Feb-1944.with that said I would conclude that your M-1 carbine was assembled in the year 1943. I hope this helps.

What is the value of my M1 carbine 1829999?

it should say something about who made it, like just saying Inland Div. or Winchester near the serial number. From my research, it was made between March and September 1944 in saginaw tool and Die. If it was for sure not, maybe you should re-post the question or find a person with a knowledge of m1 Carbines.

Who made Nathord Inc M1 Carbine?

I think it was the National Ordinance company.

What is a Iver Johnson M1 carbine worth?

Not much, thinking it was made after WWII.

What is the M1?

A rifle or carbine.