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Eatons of Canada

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Q: Who made 12 gauge pump action truline shotguns for eatons?
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What are Shotguns Are classified by?


20 gauge shotguns have been manufactured?

Yes, 20 gauge is the second most common gauge for shotguns in the last few decades.

16 gauge bolt action?

You have not asked a question yet. Yes, there were 16 g bolt action shotguns. Mossberg ,ade them, as well as other makers.

What is the value on a Revelation Model 325BB Bolt Action 12 gauge in excellent condition?

$150 on a good day. Bolt action shotguns aren't all that popular.

What caliber is a Ranger 101.4 bolt action?

The only Ranger 101.4s I've seen were shotguns, all chambered in .410 gauge.

Estimated value Winchester 47 22 gauge bolt action rifle?

It is .22 caliber- gauge refers to shotguns. In very good condition, prices run about $225-$275.

1975 ithica 10 gauge?

Ithaca made 10 gauge shotguns.

Did you make bolt action 12 gauge shotguns?

Well, I don't- too busy answering questions here- but several companies have made bolt action shotguns- I have 3 of them. Two are Mossbergs, and one is an H&R. They are not fancy, but very serviceable hunting weapons.

What years were the 16 gauge shotguns made?

I can say that Browning started having shotguns made in 16 gauge in the year 1909.Winchester started having the model 12 shotguns made in 16 gauge in the year I would surmise that the time frame of 1909-1915 would be the correct time frame for the introduction of the 16 gauge shotguns.

Do they still make revelation 12 gauge shotguns?


Who made 12 gauge shotguns in 1900?


Who sells 8 gauge shotguns?

Remington for one.

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