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Q: Who looks like that blue alien from space jam?
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Why is earth called the blue marble?

The Earth is often referred to as the blue marble because when viewed from space, its predominantly blue appearance is due to the large bodies of water that cover its surface, such as oceans and seas. This distinct feature is caused by the way sunlight interacts with Earth's atmosphere and water bodies, giving it a blue hue when observed from afar.

What does the Pacific Ocean looks like?

The Pacific Ocean looks like a a blob of color blue covering 2/3 of the earth from outer space

How do you make an alien on keyboard?

You can make an alien like this (<>.<>) it sorta looks like a intergalactic alien

What is the name of the Yu-Gi-Oh card that looks like a blue dog?

"Alien Dog" is a blue and white dog, unless you're talking about the new one which is "Mainspring Dog", and sorta looks like a robot dog.

What looks like a blue ball in space?

A blue ball in space could be 'Neptune' Earth would match that description as well, for the most part.

What does the earth look like from space?

In space, the Earth looks like a blue marble. NASA has many photographs of the Earth from space. The earth is spherical like an orange but it is not orange.

Why is Earth called the '' Blue Planet ''?

That's because it looks mainly blue, from space. With the clouds it looks like a blue marble.The Earth is called the "blue planet" because the surface is composed mostly of water. Over 70 % of the Earth's surface is water.Water looks blue from space mainly because it reflects the blue atmosphere.However, the full explanation is quite complicated.(A clear sky in daylight looks blue from the Earth's surface, because of the way white light is scattered by the air molecules.)

What looks like the colour blue?

Get a smidge of Blue from Google. That looks JUST like blue!

What looks like the word blue?

Get a smidge of Blue from Google. That looks JUST like Blue!

What does alien X look like with out the black?

Alien X looks like a clear, night sky: just black space filled with stars. His form is that of a musular man with three horns on his head, and the Omnitrix on his chest. No other details can be seen.

How would you describe an alien?

Since we have never seen space aliens, there is no way to describe them. However, an alien who is a citizen of another country that the one he is standing in looks just like any other human being.

In ben 10 alien force what does alien x mouth look like?

it looks like my chocolot salty balls!