Who killed Santa?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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No one! Oh! Santa is magical and his heart likes to be giving. Santa never died and will never die. He's magic!

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alex kell

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Q: Who killed Santa?
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Who killed Santa for he is not real?

no body killed santa he is real

Who killed Santa claus?

Nobody killed Santa Claus :-)

Who killed Davy Crockett?

he was killed at the Alamo by the Mexican troops. he was killed by Santa Anna

Who killed santa in the party game?


Who killed Anthony Fat Tone Watkins?

Santa Clause Santa Clause

How do you get to meet the real santa?

You don't because I killed him!

Did Alex or his dad get killed or injured?

No because he killed santa and then latter in his life he died as well

What happened with the Santa gunman?

He shot a bunch of people in a santa suit, and then killed himself. They were relatives of his wife who divorced him recently.

Is Santa Claus killed himself a real movie?

Never heard of it.

Which battle did Santa Anna order for all Texans to be killed?

The Alamo.

This video is funny a and n show i killed santa on


Who is the Santa suit massacre?

The SANTA SUIT MASSACRE is a man or women who dressed up as santa on Christmas and during the night the he/she killed 9 people. Its pretty sad ain't it?