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Maria Bamford I think.

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Q: Who is the woman in the 2009 Target Christmas ad?
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What is target 2010 ad Christmas song?

Toy Jackpot by Blackalicious

Who is the woman in the Target notebook and jeans ad?

Melanie Paxson

What is the site that shows the weekly ad for Target?

The weekly ad for Target can be viewed on the Target website, and also in the Target paper inserts. The site that shows the weekly ad for Target is the actual Target website.

What was the kohl's 2001 Christmas ad song?

What was the kohl's 2001 Christmas ad song

How can one get an ad on target direct?

Target Direct does not seem to be a factual company. One can play an ad that will appear direct to their target consumer by calling or emailing an ad agency and asking about their rates.

Where can i find a video for an old target Christmas commercial with aretha Franklin i think it was shot around 1988 if that helps...?

I wish I had an answer to your question regarding Aretha's Christmas Commercial. It was called "Target is Bringin' Christmas Home." I wrote the music for it, and actually got to produce the track in San Diego, where I'm from. Then, the ad agency flew me into Detroit to work produce her. She was, and remains, the consumate pro in the studio. It was a career highlight for me, and a huge beginning of "star-power" ads for Target. I cannot even remember the ad agency. Not much help, but a bit of trivia. Anybody out there got a copy?

In the Mcdonalds Christmas ad 2008 is the old woman who says is it free willie speaking with an Irish or Geordie accent?

it is Irish.. a inner dublin accent to be precise

Is there a video on the web of the 2007 Christmas Cool Whip ad or somewhere the music in the ad that has to do with Christmas garland that is on the tree can be found?

no there isn't

What are the release dates for The Ad - 2009?

The Ad - 2009 was released on: USA: 10 May 2009 (The Mockumentary Film Festival)

What does BBW for a woman ad mean?

big boned woman...?

Before 400 ad when was Christmas usually celebrated?

Before 400 AD Christmas was usually celebrated on December 21. Pope Julius 1 decided that Christmas would be celebrated on December 25.

The years after the traditional date used for the birth of Jesus are now abbreviated as?

AnswerThe years since the traditional year of the birth of Jesus are now abbreviated as either: AD (ad), as in AD 2009 or 2009 AD;CE (ce), as in 2009 CE.