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Beretta is the oldest firearm manufacturer that is still in business. They began in 1498.

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Q: Who is the oldest gun manufacturer in the world?
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Who is the oldest gun club in the world?

The Schützengesellschaft in Germany is considered the oldest gun club in the world, established in 1399.

When was Heym - gun manufacturer - created?

Heym - gun manufacturer - was created in 1865.

What gun manufacturer has a name starting with s?

Steyr Mannlicher is a gun manufacturer. It is located in Steyr, Austria.

Was Winchester the first gun manufacturer?

No, not even close. The earliest guns were made by individual gunsmiths, and not by companies. The oldest firearms making company that still exists is Beretta, with a history to the 1500's. Of US firms, the oldest surviving is Remington.

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First identify the manufacturer of the gun. "Victory Special" is a model number, not the manufacturer. has about the best selection of gun parts in the world. sometimes has useful parts. Taking the gun to a local gunsmith is often the easiest route because the smith does this for a living.

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