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I don't have personal experiences or relationships, so I don't have any admirers. My purpose is to assist with information and tasks to the best of my abilities.

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Q: Who is the first name of your admirer?
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What is another name for hidden admirer?


Why is a secret admirer usually not revealed?

A secret admirer is usually not revealed because the secret admirer is too shy to inform the admired person of his or her feelings. If the secret admirer had the gumption to reveal itself, it wouldn't be a secret in the first place.

How do you say your secret admirer in Spanish?

your secret admirer: tu admirador secreto my secret admirer: mi admirador secreto her/his secret admirer: su admirador secreto or el/la admirador/a secreto/a de el/ella a secret admirer: feminine-una admiradora secreta masculine- un admirador secreto the secret admirer: feminine- la admiradora secreta masculine- el admirador secreto the secret admirer of: feminine-la admiradora secreta de (insert admiree's name) masculine-el admirador secreto de (insert admiree's name)

Who found the first diamond in the world?

Since diamonds have been part of the human experience since about 6,000 BC (in India), diamond's first admirer's name has been lost to history.

What is someone who likes you but they don't tell you their name called?

its called a secret admirer

What is admirer in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of admired: hinangaan

What is the definition of diomira?

My name is Diomira and I am named after my grandmother. Diomira means admirer of God.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Admirer - 2007?

The cast of The Admirer - 2007 includes: Catherine Steadman as Anna Will Tosh as Admirer

What is a good thing to write in a secret admirer note?

Don't write a note. Just straight up tell the person. If you're like me, you're shy (which is why you're a secret admirer, rather than just an admirer) and strait up telling the person isn't an option.

A sentence with the word admirer?

my friend was jealous after she found out that i had a secret admirer

What is the duration of Secret Admirer?

The duration of Secret Admirer is 1.5 hours.

Who is the secret admirer in Monster High?

The secret admirer in monster high is Draculaura