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Q: Who is the boyfriend of Katrina elam?
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is Katrina Elam Jack Elam's granddaughter?

katrina elam kin to jack elam

What is Katrina Elam's birthday?

Katrina Elam was born on December 12, 1983.

When was Katrina Elam - album - created?

Katrina Elam - album - was created on 2004-10-05.

How old is Katrina Elam?

Katrina Elam is 27 years old (birthdate: December 12, 1983).

What is Katrina Elam height?

Katrina Elder is 5' 5".

What is The Religion of Katrina Elam?


When was Katrina Elam born?

Katrina Ruth Elam is an American country music singer and songwriter. Signed to Universal South Records in 2004, she released her self-titled debut album that year, charting in the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks with the No. 29 "No End in Sight" and the No. 59 "I Want a Cowboy". Wikipedia Born: December 12, 1983 (age 37 years), Bray, OK Nationality: American Full name: Katrina Ruth Elam Spouse: Nezih Hasanoglu Movies: A Pure Country Gift Albums: Katrina Elam Genre: Country music, Country

Is Katrina Kaif having boyfriend?

yes, ranbir kapoor katrina's boyfriend....

Who sang the national anthem at Green Bay on January 15 2012?

Country recording artist Katrina Elam.

Is Katrina Kaif has a boyfriend?

Yes. Katrina kaif currently is having a boyfriend. Ranbir kapoor is her boyfriend. She might get married to Ranbir Kapoor next year as well.

Who is Katrina Elam's father?

Yes, she's been married for several years, and she and her husband had a baby boy this year.

Who was Katrina Kaif's first boyfriend?

salman khan