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William Shatner??

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Q: Who is the Santa in the Kay Jewelers commercial?
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Who plays santa in the kay jewelers commercial?

Mickey Dolenz?

Who is the actress in the Kay Jewelers commercial?

Jane Seymour

What language do they speak in the kay jewelers commercial?

Vietnamese spanish English

Who is the actor in the current Kay jewelers commercial?

It is Tyler Ritter in the "Look Up" Kays Jewelers commercial. His is the son of John Ritter and younger brother of Jason Ritter.

What actor plays santa in the Kay's commercial?

Martin Mull

Who is the spanish actor that proposes in the kay jewelers commercial?

Ignacio Serricchio. He played Diego Alcazar on General Hospital.

What is the Kay Jewelers commercial song?

Title: "Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop" Artist: Landon Pigg

Who is the hot black girl in the Kay's jewelers commercial with the long curly hair?

Angelique Cinelu - look her up on MySpace

What is the ticker symbol of Kay Jewelers?

Kay Jewelers is owned by Sterling Jewelers which is owned by Signet Jewelers which trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol SIG.

Where are the Kay jewelers located?

Kay Jewelers are located throughout the United States. The location of the Kay jewelers are: Alabama, California, Texas, Florida, Wyoming, North Carolina, South Carolina, North Dakota, and etc.

Who sings the kay jewelers 2011 mothers' day commercial song?

Florence & the Machine. The song is called You've Got The Love.

Kay Jewelers has a song they play in their 2007 commercial with a couple sitting in their car and its stopped. What song is playing?

Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg