Who is sulli choi boyfriend?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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choi minho

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Q: Who is sulli choi boyfriend?
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When was Sulli Choi born?

Sulli Choi was born on 1994-03-29.

Who is sulli's boyfriend real life?

Sulli is the stage name of Korean singer and actress Choi Jinri. Her current boyfriend is not known but she has been rumored to date Minho, a Korean celebrity.

Who is sulli's boyfriend?

Choi Jinri also known as Sulli is not currently dating at this time .She was born March 29th 1994. she is Korean and was part of a five girl group FX.

What is choi sulli phone number?


Who is choi minho's girlfriend?

Choi Sulli

Does choi minho have a current girlfriend 2013?

Yes,she is choi seol ri/sulli now thy are in relationship

How old is Sulli?

Korean model and singer Sulli (Choi Jin-ri) is 23 years old (birthdate March 29, 1994).

Who is choi jin ri boyfriend?

Choi Minho

How tall is fx's sulli?

Sulli is 170cm.

Who is the maknae of fx?


What is the meaning of Telugu word sulli?

In Telugu, "sulli" generally means "a lie" or "falsehood." It can also refer to a misleading statement or deceitful act.

What are equivalent sets?

Shinee minho and sulli fx