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Secret Santa is usually a gift-trading game that people play. Everyone puts their name in, and then each person draws a name to give gifts to. They drop the gifts by when the person isn't there, and so it stays secret. Usually they find out at the very end, when people tell each other who they were giving gifts to. :) It doesn't really have anything to do with Santa himself, but it is just inspired by his flair for generosity.

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Q: Who is secret Santa?
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Do you ever reveal the gift giver's name in a Secret Santa exchange?

Secret Santa Traditionally, no. That's why it's a "secret"! It's what distinguishes a Secret Santa exchange from a regular old gift exchange. I *have* participated in "Secret Santa" exchanges that did reveal the gift-giver, but they're not *true* Secret Santa exchanges.

What could you give someone for Secret Santa?

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What is the duration of The Secret of Santa Vittoria?

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When was The Secret of Santa Vittoria created?

The Secret of Santa Vittoria was created on 1969-10-29.

What are some idea's on what to get someone for secret santa?

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Who is the real secret santa?

We are sorry but that secret is so secret even we don't know.

What actors and actresses appeared in Secret Santa - 1994?

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What is Santa's top secret?

that he doesnt want anyone to know he has white hair like a lightbulb and he has an sos meaning secret of santa x

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What should you ask your secret santa?

If the person is your "Secret Santa", then you won't know who he/she is! So you won't be able to ask the Secret Santa any questions. However, if I had a chance, I'd probably ask.... What made you willing to give so much of your heart to become a Secret Santa.