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Q: Who is owner of celkon mobile company?
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Which country invented celkon mobile?

Celkon mobiles is purely Indian company. and born in Andhara pradesh,India. Celkon mobiles is a very fast growing company in India. it was started in 2010, with in 2 years of time it got become National product now. Now Celkon mobiles is available all over India, and service center also available in all small and big towns in India. Every Celkon phone features highly sensitive interfaces customized to user's tastes. Focusing ahead, we aim to become among the top five brands by the mid of 2010 and bring to customers the best of mobile phones that matches their aspirations and varied tastes

What is the name of person who owned Celkon?

This a company in India and is not owed by one person.

Can you browse in celkon C770M mobile?

yes , it is possible . Below two browsers good for c770m 1.Operamini_4.2(jar) can support for browsing and 2.Ucbrowser _7.2.0.46(jar) is also suitable for celkon c770m

How do you download themes for celkon c9?

there is no such facility in celkon c9

Who is the owner of qmobile company?

The Owner of the Company Q Mobile,Which is now become a famous mobile company in the Pakistan, is not a Qadiyani Or Something like that. He is a Muslim And His name is Mian Pervaiz Akhtar. Q Mobile = Quality Mobiles Not Qadiyani Mobiles.

Why cant download any file from net through celkon c9 mobile?

it is possible i am doing that from past 2 months

Who is the best mobile company owner belongs to India?


Is the celkon a9 an android?

No. The Celkon A9 is a feature phone. It does not run the Android OS.

Who is the owner of karbonn mobile?

Who is the owner of karbon mobile

Do you need permission to move a mobile home?

You have to have road permits. That is the responsibility of both the owner and the moving company.

What is celkon C9 cell resolution screen?

320 by 240

Who is the owner of sony Ericsson?

As of September 2014, Sony Ericsson's new name is Sony Mobile Communications AB. The company is a subsidiary of the Sony Corporation which is a publicly traded company.