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People who do not use drugs are not at risk for legal penalties related to the use of illegal drugs.

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Because alcohol slows down the brain it is classified as a

Which is not a hallucinogen A Mescaline B PCP C Heroin

Is amphetamine a depressant hallucinogen or stimulant

Which is the leading preventable cause of mental retardation in the United States

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Q: Who is not at risk for legal penalties related to the use of illegal drugs?
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Why can legal drugs can be more of a problem than illegal drugs?

If I have a bottle of Oxycontin obtained in my name with a legal prescription, I can't be arrested. The same amount of heroin would get me buried beneath the jail. Legal drugs are in most cases easier and safer to obtain, and it is legal to possess them. They can be obtained legally, and then diverted to illegal uses. The most commonly-abused legal drug in the US is alcohol.

Which is more dangerous legal or illegal drugs?

They can both be really dangerous if not used properly, but illegal drugs are more dangerous because you have to get them from the black market and you never really know what ingredients are in them. Legal drugs are made following well-established standards and the labs are continually under inspections from federal agents.

How are legal and illegal drugs abused?

legal drugs like DXM or spice, DXM is taking orally like triple C's (DXM pills) and cough syurp and spice is smoking and can be bought at headshops. Illegal like weed is smoked, vaped or eatin.

Is selling drugs illegal?

It depends. Legal (prescription and non-prescription) drugs are generally sold and in pharmacies. Some people view alcohol and cigarettes (nicotine) as legal drugs. The sale of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin etc. is illegal and, depending on the amounts being sold, can lead to extensive jail sentences and/or fines. not to mention the confiscation of any money and/or property as the proceeds of crime.

What catagorie is marijuana in?

Sorry, what do you mean? Like, what drug catagory such as whether or not its in the same legal class as other illegal drugs?

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Penalties for taking drugs?

The consumption of legal drugs, prescribed by a licensed physician, issued by a registered Pharmacist have no penalties. Taking or using illegal drugs can result in being arrested, jailed and/or heavily fined.

What are the legal penalties for possession of an illegal substance?

It depends on what the illegal substance is. Crystal Meth penalties are the highest for possession

Are there more legal or illegal drugs in the whole world?

legal drugs

What are the illegal and legal drugs?

Legal drugs are ones that you can take without getting in trouble, illegal drugs are ones that you will get busted for taking.

Are there more illegal drugs than legal drugs in the United states?

In terms of the number of different drugs that are available, there are vastly more legal drugs than illegal drugs. I would also say that legal drugs are used more frequently and by more people than illegal drugs are.

Are drugs legal?

Legal drugs are legal, illegal drugs are not. Also some drugs that are illegal on the street are legal if you have a serious disease such as codeine. It is a strong pain killer that is usually given to patients that have recently undergone surgery.

What is the legal age to take drugs?

There is no legal age to take drugs. Hence the name "illegal drugs". It doesn't matter what age a person is, drugs are illegal unless prescribed by a doctor. Marijuana is legal medically in very few states and illegal for fun everywhere.

What is the difference between legal act and illegal act?

Legal drugs are drugs that are perscribed just for you and you take them as it is written on your perscription. Illegal drugs are any drug you can buy on the street The question asks about 'acts' not 'drugs'. An illegal act is against the law, a legal act is permitted.

Do legal drugs cause more problems then illegal drugs?

Yes legal drugs cause more problems than illegal drugs because they are much easier to get hold of e.g. you can easily buy paracetamol from a pharmacists. This means that legal drugs also cause a lot more deaths than illegal drugs.

What is the legal age for taking drugs?

Legal drugs are taken when a doctor prescribes them, at what ever age. Illegal drugs are never legal, regardless of how old you are.

Are illegal drugs worse than legal drugs?

It depends what you mean by worst. Illegal drugs can make you go to jail. Legal drugs can help you if you have a medical codition, but sometimes have bad side effects.

What are some legal and illegal drugs?

some illegal drugs are like coce (cocaine) weed and< smoking pot

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