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In the original story there is no Mr Poole. In some plays and films later characters were added to give more depth to the story telling

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In "A Christmas Carol," Mr. Poole is Scrooge's very poor and destitute former apprentice who is now trying to make a living as a pawnbroker. He is portrayed as someone who is struggling to survive and is a reminder of the consequences of Scrooge's greedy and heartless ways.

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Q: Who is mr poole in A Christmas Carol?
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Who held the annual Christmas ball in A Christmas Carol?

Mr Fezziwig

What is scrooge favorite boss in a Christmas carol?

That was Mr Fezziwig

What was Mr Fezziwig's business in A Christmas Carol?

He was a Cotton Trader

How did scrouge died?

In Dicken's "A Christmas Carol", Mr. Scrooge does not die.

How many children did Mr Cratchit have in A Christmas Carol?

He had six children.

Who throws wonderful parties in A Christmas Carol?

Mr Fezziwig, Scrooge's employer.

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What is scrooges boss called?

Scrooge's boss is named Mr. Fezziwig. He is a kind and generous employer in Charles Dickens' novella "A Christmas Carol."

What is the name of the of the couple who throws generous parties in a Christmas carol?

Mr and Mrs Fezziwig

Who was the creator of Mr Scrooge and A Christmas Carol?

Scrooge and the story were written by Charles Dickens.

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