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a woman a woman talks for hours about the day and stuff

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Q: Who is more talkative a man or a woman?
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What is the comparative and superlative of talkative?

More talkative and most talkative

What is the ISBN of Talkative Man?

The ISBN of Talking Man is 978-0877958130.

What is the comparative and superlative of the word talkative?

more talkative and most talkative

What is comparative and superlative degree of talkative?

more talkative, most talkative

What are the comparative and superlative forms the word talkative?

more talkative, most talkative

Who is talkative boys or girls?

Boys are the ones that are talkative the girl are not more talkative then boys.

Who is more intelligent man or woman?

Man more intelligent, but woman is more focusing and more consternating.

When was Talking Man created?

Talking Man was created in 1987.

How do you be more talkative?

just talk more

What actors and actresses appeared in Make Your Weather - 2009?

The cast of Make Your Weather - 2009 includes: Elliot Amador as Passionate Man Carla Dauden as Awkward Woman Joey Gould as Stressed Man Roy Hathon as Busy Man Melinda Marr as Vain Woman Zoe McCarthy as Passionate Woman Sandy McOwen as Edward Crowlins Robin Metze as Talkative Man Meghan Schaefer as Boring Woman

Which spous is more prone to extra man or woman?

A man is more prone to a relationship on the side than a woman. However, it is not always the man who has an affair. Sometimes it is the woman.

How do you say is talkative in Irish?

Talkative they speak English polish ind Irish more inglish then anything