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Neither one is really smarter than the other, Ther phyciological pathway of information within the brain, capable, of being processed is a sheer state of being early developed in skills. In latmens terms you have to learn early to be more knowledgable in the future. But it is a proven fact that most all females mature faster than males.

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Q: Who is more intelligent men or women?
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Who is more emotionally intelligent men or women?

Dealing with emotion and feelings, women are more emotionally intelligent.

What does more blood flow in women's brains mean?

women are more intelligent than men

How men and women react in different situation?

Men are good in the physical type than women. Women are more intelligent than men

Who are more intelligent men or woman?

Do you mean...Who is more intelligent? This is a improper question.

Why intelligent men attract dumb women?

Possibly because the dumb women want to be intelligent like the men

Why men are more intelligent than women?

Men would be, but you pulled the average IQ of men down all by yourself. Congratulations!

Are men more intelligent than women?

It is a known fact that women mature before men. So if to ask this question and to look at two 20 year olds the answer would be women. But of course if a women does not apply her intellegents yet a man does, then the superior would be the man. Simple.

Do most women find men that are very intelligent attractive?

some women do find intelligent men attractive. While others may not like as much.

Do Romanian women like British men?

Romanian women like all men with money.

Did GOD really make men wiser more intelligent holier and cleaner than women?

no that is not what the bible concludes. God made his children equal no matter the gender. however he made men to be stronger and women to be wiser.

Do intelligent men look for something more in women than a typical male?

I, personally, would like a woman who is en par with me mentally.

Is it best to be a man or a woman?

There is no answer. Both men and women have good and bad traits to them. For example (stereotypically speaking, of course. I'm not a sexist) women are usually more intelligent, but men are better at physical activities. But, stereotypes are normally wrong.