Who is lexi lush?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Lexi Lush is a scene queen. For those of you that don't know what a scene queen is, it's basically a trend setter in the scene steriotype. A scene queen like Lexi Lush has brightly colored hair and they blog/social network almost everyday. Lexi has snakebites, a monroe, and her nose pierced. I believe she's 21 by now. Her hair consists of thick, long bangs across the side of her face, choppy layers, and she usually teases the back of her hair. She has been called the Hello Kitty Queen because she loves Hello Kitty very much. She is very interesting, and i'm sure if this doesn't help, you can find her myspace if you google her

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Q: Who is lexi lush?
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What are some scene queen names?

Hanna Beth Jac Vanek Lexi Lush

When was Lexi Swallow born?

Lexi Lush aka Lexi Bee now of 2012;2013, she was born October 11th 1990 something. I don't know the exact year, I believe she's 22 now.

Who is the biggest scene queen?

well i find that kiki kannibal and brookelle bones are the most popular.. but i personally find Hannie Dropkick or lexi lush should win :)

Who are the major Scene Queens?

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What trend did lexi lush start?

She is a Scene queen. So the whole Scene thing is what she helped start. She also helped the whole Hello Kitty thing too. Cause that's whats she is known for.♥MuffCake♥ +Lexi Lush is a wonderful, average girl who lives in my state. (Louisiana). My best friend/sister knows her. (&&Vanna Venom and lots more!!!) So yeshiee, she did start the Hello Kitty trend and Scene.(Please No Labels)She is now known as Lexi Bee. (Which I♥Bees) Anyways, she is a typical girl who takes many pictures of herself. Also she is a vegetarian. Hope I helped!!!♥MuffCake♥ +♥MuffCake♥ + is an original. Do not steal!