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Darion green

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Q: Who is elizabeth gilles boyfriend?
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Who is elizabeth gillies boy?

Type your answer elizbeth gilles really jade boyfriend

Did Elizabeth Gilles die?

No, Elizabeth Gilles is still alive.

Does elizabeth Gilles have a child?


Does Victoria Justice hate elliabite gilles?

no she doesnt hate elizabeth gilles

What is Elizabeth Gilles full name?

Elizabeth Hallie Gillies

Does elizabeth gilles have a stardoll?

yes she does it is tonibaby1celeb

Who is Elizabeth Gillies dating?

Elizabeth Gilles is currently single.

What is elizabeth gilles favorite color?

dark blue

When was elizabeth gilles was born?

Elizabeth Gill Lui was born on 1951-02-06.

Does Elizabeth Gilles play in Winx club?

Yes she is Daphne.

What is Elizabeth Gilles' new look on Victorious?

She changed her hairstyle.

Is Elizabeth Gilles mean in real life?

No she nice in real life.