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Q: Who is breaunna womack dating?
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What is Breaunna Womack's from the omg girlz middle name?

her whole name is Breaunna Merkell Womack.

How old is Breaunna Womack?

Breaunna Womack is 22 years old (birthdate March 23, 1995).

What is breaunna womack favorite color?


What is Breaunna Womack favorite food?


Where Are Breaunna Womack Parents From?

Mobile, Alabama

Who is breaunna womack?

Breaunna Womack A.K.A. Babydoll is a talented teenager. And she is also a member of a group called the OMG GIRLZ with her other friends Bahja & Zonnique

What is baby-dolls real name from the omg girls?

Breaunna Womack :)

When was breaunna womack born?

March 23, 1995

When is breaunna womack from the omg girlz birthday?

March 23

When is breaunna womack birthday from omg girlz?

March 23

What high school does breaunna womack go to?

A normal one

What is baby doll from omg girls real name?

Breaunna Womack :)