Who is birthday is the fifth of feb?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Khojani Junoor

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Q: Who is birthday is the fifth of feb?
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Because it honors Washington's birthday (Feb 22) and Lincoln's birthday (Feb 12).

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c.Ronaldos birthday is on feb 23rd

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Her birthday is on the 2nd feb 1975

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my birthday is not at feb 20. my birthday is at September 27 and there's a singer lil Wayne who has his birthday on September 27

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my friend Olivia does

When is Jupiter's birthday?

30 feb

When is christofers birthday?

feb 11th

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feb 22

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Feb. 11 1988

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feb 2 mine is feb 3 :P for real

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john travoltas birthday is feb 18th