Who is alrena roushe?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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she is just a fictional character from a game the house 2 that someone had tried to make famous...she isnt real...just a made up ghost

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Q: Who is alrena roushe?
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What does the Alrena Roushe App on Facebook do?

There will be a scary pop. Alrena will pop out of no where when you click on the link to her 'profile'. but not immediately, after a few seconds you will see the baby eyes open on her profile picture then she pops up. She's not real though, they do this just to scare people ;p. Hope this helps :)

What is the main plot and ending of rangers apprentice book7?

Erek wants to invade some where alse because he is board of all his paper work as the leader of his country, but when he gets there, there is already an army waiting for him and they want a randsom for his safe return, but it is to far to their country so they go to alrena, for the money.