Who is alexis Torres?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: Who is alexis Torres?
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What nicknames does Alexis Torres go by?

Alexis Torres goes by Alex Torres.

Who is alexis Torres on degrassi?

Alexis jessica Torres is a character of degrassi:stick around the 10 year old daughter of drew and Fiona

What actors and actresses appeared in The Eulogy - 2011?

The cast of The Eulogy - 2011 includes: Tasha Standridge as Alexis Grey Diana Torres as Aunt Lynn Rachel Wilde as Laura

What actors and actresses appeared in Cleaner - 2013?

The cast of Cleaner - 2013 includes: Diana Elizabeth Torres Kenzo Lee Susan Park Alexis Rhee Suilma Rodriguez as Jae

What is the population of Torres Torres?

The population of Torres Torres is 588.

What is the area of Torres Torres?

The area of Torres Torres is 11.8 square kilometers.

Does alexis have a boyfriend?

Alexis who??

How old was Fernando Torres when Fernando Torres switched?

39 Torres was

What is the birth name of Dara Torres?

Dara Torres's birth name is Dara Grace Torres.

How many ways can you spell Alexis?

alexcis alexis alexis alexsis

How do you spell alexis in Greek?


When was Carlos J. Torres Torres born?

Carlos Armando Biebrich Torres was born in 1939.