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Q: Who is actress Lauren London dating?
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Who is Lauren London dating?

Lauren London and Lil Wayne are currently engaged.....

Does Lauren London have a man?

Yes. Lauren London is currently dating Trey Songz.

Is trey is dating Lauren London?

Trey songz and Lauren London are in fact dating

What Do Lauren London sings.?

Lauren is an actress, model, & video vixen - she does not sing.

Are Lauren London and Lil Wayne dating?


Which actress has dimples?

Lauren London has gorgeous dimples!

Does Lauren London still go with lil Wayne?

No Dwayne carter Cater no longer date actress Lauren London

What year was actress Lauren London born in?

Lauren London, the actress known for Everyone Hates Chris, Entourage, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and This Christmas, was born in December of 1984.

Is Lauren London and Lil Wayne dating?

No. She is dating Trey Songz.

Who is Paula Deanda dating?

Paula Deanda is dating Sean Kingston. The rumors about Paula dating rapper Lil Wayne is false, because Lil Wayne is engaged to be married to actress Lauren London and she is also pregnant with his baby.

Are Lauren London and Lil Wayne still dating?

they are no longer together

Why is Chris Brown not with Lauren London?

They're both in relationships. She is dating Trey Songz and he is dating Karruech.