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Q: Who is Nina martins boyfriend?
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Who is taking Nina martins place in house of Anubis?

Nina martin is leaving house of anubis so,Miranda cosgrove main character of icarly is taking her place

Is Nina bisexual?

NO why would she ? Really people she is gay At all her boyfriend is my brother

Who is Nina dobrev boyfriend?

Ian Somerhalder

What has the author Nina Miller written?

Nina Miller has written: 'Heart of Hulda' 'Boyfriend Replacement' 'The Emergency Chocolate Kit (Mega Mini Kits)'

Who is Nina dobrev boyfriend in the degrassi?

her boyfriends have been lucas and peter right now its peter

Who is Nina martins boy friend?

It's Fabian Rutter on House of Anubis but in real life she is single. The stuff about Brad Kavanagh dating Nathalia Ramos is all just a rumor.

Who is Nina Dobrev boyfriend in The Vampire Diaries?

Ian Somerhalder, her co-star but also known as Damon Salvatore in TVD. He is the one in the picture above on the right side of nina dobrev.

What is the birth name of Humberto Martins?

Humberto Martins's birth name is Humberto Martins Duarte.

What is the birth name of Oliveira Martins?

Oliveira Martins's birth name is Oliveira Martins, Eduardo.

What is the birth name of Rachel Martins?

Rachel Martins's birth name is Rachel Martins Pereira.

What is the birth name of Rui Martins?

Rui Martins's birth name is Rui Manuel Dutra Martins.

What is the birth name of Martins Pena?

Martins Pena's birth name is Lus Carlos Martins Pena.