Who is Jai Brooks?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Jai Brooks is a member of The Janoskians which is a YouTube comedy group. Jai was also Ariana Grande's ex boyfriend.

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Q: Who is Jai Brooks?
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What is jai brooks full name?

Jai Domenic Brooks

Who is more muscular Jai or Luke Brooks?

Jai brooks

Jai brooks snapchat?

It is believed that Jai brooks does not have a snapchat.

Who is Ariana Grande dating in 2013?

Jai Brooks from the Janoskians.

What is jai brooks middle name?

*jai brooks' and his middle name is dominic. (:

What is jai brooks number?

Jai Brooks does not give out his personal phone number to the fans.

What is the difference between jai brooks and luke brooks?

Luke has a spot on his nose. Jai does not.

How tall is Jai brooks?

Jai, Beau and Luke Brooks are all around 170com tall (5'8)

What is Beau Brooks Luke Brooks and Jai Brooks mothers name?

Gina, Brooks ♥

What are the janoskians real names?

Beau Brooks, Jai (Jaidon) Brooks, Luke Brooks, Daniel Sahyounie, James Yammouni. Beau, Jai and Luke are all brothers and Luke and Jai are twins:):) hope this helped!:)

How old are Luke and Jai Brooks?

Luke and Jai Brooks are 22 years old (birthdate May 3, 1995).

What is jai brooks Tumblr?