Who is Jack Quire?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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he is a youtuber and is really funny at making videos about his brother stephan here is his YouTube thingy: and

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Q: Who is Jack Quire?
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What is Stephen and jack quire's real name?

Stephen and Jack Quire are two popular YouTubers known as "Stephen Tries" and "JackSucksAtLife." Their real names are Stephen Lawson and Jack Massey Welsh, respectively.

What is wafflepwn's last name?

His full name is Jack Quire :)

What is the homophone of quire?

The homophone of "quire" is "choir."

When was Quentin Quire created?

Quentin Quire was created in 2002.

What is a sentence for quire?

A quire is a term referring to a twentieth of a ream of paper. An example sentence is: Please pick up a quire of paper for me.

How many sheet are in quire?

I'm pretty sure there are 50 sheets in a quire.

How old is jack quire?

15 i think but i am pretty sure he is because he looks younger than Stephen and that Stephen is 16 so ya ok

Use the word Quire into sentences?

There are twenty four uniform sheets of paper in a quire.

What nicknames does Stephen Quire go by?

Stephen Quire goes by Freakout Kid, and Squirrel Boy.

How old is Stephen Quire?

Stephen Quire is 23 years old (born July 28, 1993).

When was Stephen Quire born?

Stephen Quire was born on July 28, 1993, in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

When is jack quire's birthday?

Well he's fifteen, and I'm guessing his birthday is sometime in the summer...I know it's not really what you were asking for, but that's all I know...sorry:)