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Kitty's boyfriend is Dear Daniel, a boy Kitty.

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Q: Who is Hello Kitty's boyfriend?
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When is hello kittys anniversary?

in the yearly time

When is hello kittys anniversy?

November 1st

What is hello kittys dad called?


Is mimmy a relative to hello kitty?

yes, mimmie is hello kittys sister

What is hello kittys birthday present?

a devil costume

When is it hello kittys birthday?

it is your mom and dads weiner shinitzels

What color is hello kittys bow?

Hello Kitty has not one particular colored bow but many.

When is hello kittys birthday?

Hello Kitty's birthday was November 1,1974.

What are hello kittys grandparents names?

Anthony White & Margarte White

What is the pass for the hello kitty texter?

The Texture of hello kittys was in a hilly house. Avocado Grove in Hacienda Heights. Made of slimey avocadoes. That where hello kittys mammy grew up. Wheres my hello kitty drawing, did someone one hide in a hilly place with slimey avocadoes

What is hello kittys favroite game?

She doesnt have one she just has fun with her friends

What is the name of hello kittys cat?

Charmmy Kitty. She is a gift to her from Papa George (Hello Kitty's dad).