Who is Chris Putnam?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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:putnam: is actually a face of Ian Hecox from Smosh.

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Q: Who is Chris Putnam?
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Is Chris Putnam a real person?

Yes, Chris Putnam is an engineer for Facebook

How old is Daniel Chris Putnam?

Daniel Chris Putnam (Danny Putnam) is 28 years old. He was born on September 17, 1982.

Did Chris Putnam hack facebook?


Who id Chris putnam?

the engineer of facebook

Who is Chris Puntman?

Chris Putnam is A Facebook engineer who became instantly infamous with the :putnam: Facebook emoticon created as a joke by friends from an embarrassing photo. he was not THE engineer of facebook. just one of them.By Zecros.

How do you make a Guy Fawkes face on facebook chat?

The only face you can make on chat is the head of chris putnam; the co-founder of Facebook. You can make this face by inserting :putnam: Into the chat.

Who is the member of the US House of Representatives for Putnam County NY?

The New York District 19 area covers Hudson Valley and the Catskill regions which includes the entirety of Putnam County. Currently it is represented by Chris Gibson.

How do you do a putnam in Facebook?

In facebook chat it is::Putnam:

How do you make putnam?


Is chris putnam the man who made facebook?

No. Mark Zuckerburg made Facebook and the :Putnam: is Ian Hecox from Smosh. He dids it because he wanted to be rembered on facebook and paid 60,000 dollars to do it and called it :Putnam: because that's what his mom used to call him. He explains it all in the My Facebook secret episode of Ian is bored which is on the IanH channel on Youtube.

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The address of the Putnam Public Library is: 225 Kennedy Dr., Putnam, 06260 1628

What is the birth name of Ashley Putnam?

Ashley Putnam's birth name is Ashley Elizabeth Putnam.