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It was his nephew Fred

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Q: Who invited Scrooge to eat on Christmas Day?
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Where does scrooge eat Christmas dinner?

In Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," Ebenezer Scrooge eats his Christmas dinner at the home of his nephew, Fred. Initially reluctant to join the festivities, Scrooge ultimately experiences a change of heart and joyfully participates in the celebrations.

Why do you eat Christmas dinner on Christmas day?

Some People have Christmas dinner on Christmas day and some people eat it on Boxing day

What reason does Scrooge give for not joining his nephew on Christmas?

Scrooge feels that Christmas was simple a time when people sought to eat and live beyond their means and this to him is abhorrent therefore when asked to join Fred and his wife for Christmas Scrooges retort was "you keep Christmas in your way and I will in mine!"

What did the cratchits eat for Christmas dinner in a christma carol?

The Cratchet family was preparing a Christmas goose, but Scrooge had the large turkey at the market delivered to them.

What do they eat in Christmas In France?

whatb do they eat in France on Christmas Day

What do Lithuanian people eat on Christmas day?

On Christmas day we eat mostly things that people in the UK and USA eat.

When was scrooge supposed to die in a Christmas carol?

It was assumed he would die that very Christmas Eve. IN the book it eludes to Scrooge having a slight cold and this is why he was to eat warmed gruel left for him by his housekeeper. Marley's arrival was to be the last chance that Scrooge would have o make changes in his life

Why is it illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas day?

No its not illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas day. Why would shops sell mince pies if it was illegal to eat them on Christmas day. If it was illegal, then shops wouldn't sell them.

Why would shops sell mince pies if it was illegal to eat them on Christmas day?

It is not illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas day.

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They don't celebrate Christmas

What foods do Haitians eat for Christmas?

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In what country do families eat carp on Christmas eve in roast goose on Christmas day?

People in Poland and Czech Republic eat carp on Christmas Eve.