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Many people think that Osborne invented the Osborne 1 in San Francisco. But we're not completley sure.

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Adam Osborn invented the laptop.y'all should know these things

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no just laptop

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Q: Who invented the laptop Adam Osborn or Bill Moggridge?
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Why did Adam osborne create the laptop?

the osborn-1 was no laptop. it weighed about 50 pounds.

What year was the lab top invented in?

1981 by Adam Osborn

Who invented laptops and when?

The laptop computer was invented by a man named Adam Osborne. Adam invented the laptop in 1981.

Did Adam Osborne invent anything else besides the first laptop?

as osborn's machine weighed about 50 lbs, it really was not a laptop

When was laptop invented?

The laptop was invented in 1981 by a man named Adam Osborne.

Who was the inventor of the laptop?

Adam Osborne invented the laptop in 1981!

Who invented mini laptops and why?

The Mini laptop was invented by Adam Osborne. The mini laptop was invented because it was more lightweight than the original laptop and more portable.

When was the first notebook laptop invented?

The first laptop I believe was in 1981 by Adam Osborne. This laptop was call the "Osborne1"

What was the name of the person who invented laptop?

Go to for more information about him. The modern day laptop was created by William Moggridge for Grid Systems Corporation in 1979. The Clamshell Design patent was acquired by Tandy Corporation in 1988 when they acquired Grid Systems. They subsequently monetized the patent by aggresively pursuing all companies who were using this design.

Date of laptop invention?

The first laptop/portable computer was invented in 1981 by Adam Osborne.

Name of first portable computer?

Osborn-1, designed by Adam Osborn.

What was the first portable computer called and who made it?

Osborn-1. Adam Osborn.