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At this time Russia.

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Q: Who has more nuclear bombs Us or Russia?
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What country has the most nuclear bombs?

At the current time Russia has the most, followed closely by the US. These are controlled by limits set by START. The treaty allows Russia more and higher yield bombs because their ICBMs are slightly less accurate.

Which country has the most nuclear bombs in the world?

at this this time (2013) russia has the most, closely followed by the US. other countries have no more than 1/10 of what these do.

How many nuclear bombs per week US builds nuclear bombs?

At this time the US builds no nuclear bombs. A small number of existing bombs are refurbished as needed.

Which country has the most nuclear weapons?

The United States currently owns 9,600 nuclear weapons, while Russia currently owns 16,800. But Russia actually always had more nuclear weapons than the United States. Russia was lacking in nuclear warheads from beginning of time to 1975. For various reasons, the USSR (and now Russia) have pretty much always had more ICBM weapons than the US, while the US maintained a larger stockpile of gravity bombs, SLBMs, and cruise missiles. Currently, as nuclear-tipped cruise missiles were forbidden under the START I treaty, only bombs, ICBMs, and SLBMs are in existence, with the number of 'usable' weapons varying over time.

Do nuclear bombs kill us?


Which country has the most atomic bombs?

As of now (2012), Russia has slightly more than the US.

Does Italy have nuclear bombs?

i don't think so. here are some countries that do US,russia,UK,France,china and maybe Iran and north Korea

Which two countries almost let nuclear bombs on each other?

Either Russia and the US in the cold war or India and Pakistan in a standoff in 2001-2002

Does america have more combined nuclear weapons them the rest of the world?

No, Russia has more than the US.

How many nuclear bombs are being made by the us?

None, the US currently only refurbishes existing bombs.

Does Puerto Rico have nuclear bombs?

Sort of - The US has nuclear arms and Puerto Rico is a US territory.

Why was the conflict between the soviet union and the US described as a cold war?

Because of all the nuclear bombs on standby and of all the deaths and mainly it was fought in the winter in russia