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The South

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Q: Who had more slaves north or south?
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Did the south have slaves or the north?

The South had more than the North, and the abolishment of slavery began in the North. But the South wanted slaves - thus ensued the Civil War.

How did slaves freedom affect the north and south?

Without slaves the south couldn't trade or have as much business then they had with slaves. The north benefited of this because the south was getting more help in building weapons with slaves then they did alone.

What did south America have more than north America?


Why did life in the south change more dramatically than life in the north?

because the south had to give up there slaves and the north didnt own any slaves to give up. and thats why life in the south had to change more dramatically the the life in the north.

Was slavery more popular in the south or the north?

Slavery during the Civil War in the United States was prominent in the Southern. The Confederate states in the South were in favor of slavery while the Union states in the North were opposed to slavery.

Who had slaves north or south?


How were the north and south different?

south wont slaves the north did not

Why was there more slaves in the south?

the north was opposed to slavery whereas slaves were very important for agricultural reasons in the south where huge plantations were popular. also, Abraham Lincoln freed them in the North.

Were slaves free in the north or south first?


Who are slaves who went back to the south after going to the north?

One of the slaves that went back to the south after she went to the north is Harriet Tubman. She went back to help other slaves get to the north.

What were the major differences between the north and south during the American Civil War?

Well for one the south had slaves. The south grew cotton and tobacco which would die in the north. The North had more industrial buildings and more resources than the south.

Who had slaves longer south?