Who founded the Helmsley hotel chain?

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The Helmsley chain of hotels was founded by Harry Helmsley who began life as a businessman and, together with his wife Leona, built up his property empire which includes the Helmsley hotels.

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Q: Who founded the Helmsley hotel chain?
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When was the Ibis Hotel chain founded?

The Ibis Hotel chain is a very successful and popular hotel chain that was founded in 1974 in the town of Brodaux. Today, there are more than 950 Ibis Hotels worldwide.

Did Leona Helmsley own a hotel in Manhattan?

Leona Helmsley and her husband owned a hotel empire.They did own several properties in Manhattan.

Who founded the Travel Hotel chain?

The Travel Hotel chain is a subsidiary under a much larger company, Whitbread was founded by two individuals, Samuel Whitbread and Thomas Shewell in 1742. It is a multinational hotel that has headquarters in the United Kingdom.

What hotel chain founded the Roy Rogers restaurant chain in 1968 in Falls Church Virginia?


Where can one find more information about the Helmsley Hotel in New York?

The best place to find out information about the Helmsley Hotel in New York would be to visit the website. There are two hotels with the Helmsley name in New York, so take care to review both to determine your needs.

What is the address of the New York Helmsley Hotel?

The New York Helmsley Hotel was a luxury hotel that has since been closed. It's address was 212 E. 42nd Street (between 3rd Ave and 2nd Ave), New York, NY 10017.

When was the Orbitz Hotels hotel chain founded?

Orbitz Worldwide Inc was founded in 2001 and are headquarted in Chicago. Orbitz is an online hotel and travel booking site. They do not own any hotels themselves.

What is the different between a hotel chain and a hotel group?

hotel chain is owned by a group of owners

What is the largest hotel chain?

Best Western is the largest hotel chain

Who founded the Jaro hotels chain?

It was founded in the early 1970s by Mr. Jacques Robitaille. In 1976 he made the first steps in the hotel business with the acquisition of Quebec Inn Motel.

Where is the headquarters of the ITC Hotel chain?

The headquarters of the ITC Hotel chain is located in India. The ITC Hotel chain is the second largest hotel chain in India, with over one hundred locations nationwide.

When was Malmaison - hotel chain - created?

Malmaison - hotel chain - was created in 1994.

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