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Incence is sprinkled on people to make them happy and greatful for the Christmas Spirit

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Q: Who does the ghost from A Christmas Carol sprinkle with his torch?
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In A Christmas Carol which ghost carries the torch?

The ghost of Christmas present

What does the Ghost of Christmas Present carry in A Christmas Carol?

He carries a torch.

What does the ghost of Christmas Present sprinkle from the horn of plenty?

In "The Christmas Carol", Dickens described it as an "incense" and it didn't come from a horn of plenty but from a torch. The torch could perform many good things. For instance, the Ghost sprinkled some of his incense on the dinners that some "poor revellers" were carrying. We can assume that it made the food heartier or even tastier. Also, two men were quarreling and a couple of "drops" from the torch restored their good humor. As a Ghost in a work of fiction, I guess the torch could do just about anything the Ghost pleased. It is one of the greatest inventions that Dickens had in telling this wonderful story.

What is unique about the spirit's torch in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Its a horn of plenty used by The Ghost of Christmas Present to spread the chistmas spirit associated with joy, peace and caring for one another

What does the torch look like in A Christmas Carol?

They mean a regular torch. Something that is held usually for light with a fire on the top end of it with the bottom piece used as a handle.In Christmas Carol one of the ghosts is carrying it with him and he uses it as a sort of wand. The ghost is the one that dresses in hunting clothes, etc.

In a Christmas carol who was asked to bring a torch?

Jeanette and Isabella

What effect does the torch in Stave Three of A Christmas Carol have on the people?

Its used by the spirt to spread Christmas cheer amid everyone.

How did Scrooge know that the spirit had arrived?

The initial spirt of Christmas Past carried a flamed torch which lit up the room. The Ghost of Christmas Present bathed his bedroom in a candesant light which came beneath the door of his room. The last Ghost was in his room as he opened his eyes having just heard the ghost of Christmas Present say "Are there no prisens are there no work houses". Noww the Ghost of Christmas Yet to come, a shrouded fugure stood silent before scrooge

What are the characteristics of the Ghost of Christmas past in the book 'A Christmas Carol'?

Figure of indeterminate age. He had a blazing light on his head. He carried a hat with him.White- robedThe ghost of Christmas past is holding a fresh leaf of holly and an extinguisher cap like for candles.

What is the name of the Ghost of Christmas Past in 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens?

The Ghost of Christmas Present is a plump, tall, joyful man who carries a torch with him. He is supposed to represent how Christmas is a time of goodness and cheer. When he sprinkles ashes from his torch onto people, they immediately become happy and cheerful. The Ghost of Christmas Past shows how Christmas is a time when everybody gets together and becomes thankful for each other; that they still are alive and that they have a happy life with a good family and money in their pockets.

How do you get the torch in ghost story poptropica?

Its simple the torch is right outside the jail

In a Christmas carol what was the ghost holding in his hand?

I didn't think the Spirit looked strange at all. Given the non-existent graphic capabilities at the time the movie produced, it wasn't possible to make the spirit more 'ghostly' looking or transparent.