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It's obvious I will know other elfs like a human do know other humans.

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Q: Who do you know if you are an elf?
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How do you know if you have a elf?

If he has pointy ears.

How do you know if Im an elf?

There are a few ways to know if you are an elf ... * Pointy ears * Unusual short-ness * Craving for Hot chocolate

How do you know you are a elf?

if you have pointy ears and make toys for good boys and girls.This is how you really know you are an elf!You will have pointy ears and notice that you are more goodthan others and more cheerfull if your a high elf. The exact opposite will happen if your a night elf. That is the truth.

What were all the elf's name's Santa Claus had?

you won't really know ever because new elves get born? but you can name your own elf on a shelf or pocket elf.

How do you know elf on the shelves birthdays?

The Elf on the Shelf does not have official birthdays. The idea is that the elf arrives at your home on a date of your choosing to watch over the kids until Christmas.

What is each digit in elf plus elf equals fool?

f=1 l=2 o=4 now you know

Do elf on the shelf eat?

Elf On The Shelf eat candy. I would know. I have one named Peppermint and she LOVES chocolate kisses.

How do you say elf in Irish?

Clutharachán or Lucharachán = elf, leprechaun, pigmy Sióg = fairy síogaí = elf, fairy, gossip, know-all, weakling Síofra = changeling, precocious child, sprite

How do you know if your an Elf?

You have pointy ears and work for that Santa guy!

What are the words to the elf on the shelf book?

I don't know.....PICKLE

Do elf on the shelfs know if you moved?

Some people believe that the elf on the shelf represents Santa's scout and is said to leave at night to report to Santa about a child's behavior. The elf is said to lose its magic if touched, so it's recommended not to move it. However, the elf does have the ability to move on its own during the night.

Who is going to be the next dragon rider?

that elf bitch I dont know what elf that persons talking about (probably arya in which case I dont agree) but there is no information as to who will be the rider but the dragon will be green