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A stripper

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Q: Who did drizzy drake get pregnant?
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What nationallities is Drizzy Drake?

Drizzy Drake the rapper real name Aubrey Graham is Jewish, Canadian and Black.

What is drizzy drake sighn?

a scorpio

What is drake's rapping name?


What is Drake or Drizzy's religion?


What is Drake's height?

Drizzy is 6'4

Is it ''Drake'' or ''Drizzy Drake''?

his real name is Aubrey Drake Graham, when he does collaborations with supergroup Young Money, Dwayne Carter or Lil Wayne calls him drizzy likewise drake calls Wayne Weezy

Who better drake or frank ocean?


Who is drizzy drake rogers dating?


Where is drizzy drake rogers from?

Toronto, Canada

Whose better drake or Eminem?


What are all of Drake the rapper's nicknames?

Drizzy, Drake (also his middle name), Aub, Mr.October and October's Truly

What tattoos does the rapper drake have?

Drizzy Drake does not have any tattoos. -2011 interview on youtube.