Who did dally fight in the rumble?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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No one in particular. While Darry and Paul (Soc) were having a stare down, almost ready to start the rumble, Dally came running in and screamed, "Wait! It ain't a rumble without me--" That distracted Darry and Paul was able to take the first swing of the rumble, which was on Darry.

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Q: Who did dally fight in the rumble?
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Does dally fight in the rumble?

I don't know that's my question too!

Who joins forces with ponyboy and his gang to fight the socs in the rumble at the end of the novel?

Dally joined forces with his gang to fight the socs in the rumble at the end of the novel because he has escaped the hospital and he was threating the nurse to let him out of the hospital

What is a quote that dally Winston said?

"Don't you know a rumble ain't a rumble without me?"

Who comes late to the rumble the Outsiders?

Dallas Winston shows up late to the rumble. He was in the hospital and had to sneak his way out because he didn't want to miss the fight. When he arrives at the rumble, he calls out - which causes Darry to turn his head and Paul punches him, starting the fight.

Who showed up to the rumble unexpected from outsiders?

It is Dally who has joined the rumble. He joined the rumble by "talking the nurse in to let him join the rumble" but he actually used his 10' black switchblade that Two-bit handed back to him at the hospital...

Who joined the rumble the last minute in the book The Outsiders?

Dally joined the rumble in the book of outsiders

How does the Rumble end in The Outsiders?


What effects does dally late entrance have in the rumble?

Dally's late entrance helps them win the rumble

Where does Dally take Pony after the rumble in the outsiders?

Dally and pony-boy go see niger right after the rumble.

Why did Dally want Two-Bits knife?

He necessarily doesn't need one, but all greasers should carry a switchblade, heater (gun), and weapons of that sort, should they be jumped by Socs or get intp a fight.

What chapter does the rumble happen in the outsiders?

it starts talking about it on page 138 but it starts on page 142

What additional problem did the brothers face after ponyboy's return?

the court hearing, the rumble, the loss of both Johnny and Dally and their personal fight with each other (the one where darry and ponyboy try to get soda to take their side).