Who developed iPhone?

Updated: 10/3/2023
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Tobin, one of the designers at PIXAR(a Steve Jobs firm) had this design implemented early in 2004 as a homing device for the movie "The Incredibles". This thing did catch the eye of the apple R&D team and rest is history.

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martin cooper

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Steve jobs

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Q: Who developed iPhone?
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The iPhone was not discovered (or not originally), it was developed by Apple Inc.If someone had hidden or lost an iPhone it could have been discovered.

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Yes, this was developed on the first edition of the iPhone

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The iPhone is a mobile device developed and marketed by Apple - nobody founded it.

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The iPhone was designed and developed in California, a state in the United States. It contains parts made from many countries, and was manufactured in China.

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No. The Ipad, like the Iphone, is an an Apple product with software developed by Apple.

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