Who are the famous players in aqw?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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This List consists of no Mods

Most famous are lower numbers 1-Most famous 10-Sort of famous

1-Sarah Hearts






7-child of war

8-zliford the legend



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Who are the famous players in aqw?

This List consists the most famous players/farmers in-game.

The Most famous Players/Farmers:

1-DonSword(Total farm 5000+ Legion Tokens(3000 Legion Tokens for other Players, and for himself Current: 2000+ Legion Tokens)The most famous farmer and Player and one of the famous Youtuber, 30% of all players know him as Youtuber, and the best farmer for Players, he gets almost deals ever day, he has earned over 600000 ACs by farming and one of the richest player too. His name is heard almost in every map locations. The Most Famous Player/YouTube/Farmer

2-Icy_Mercy(Current 2,5000 Legion Tokens, the rest 1500 on all Dages merge items) total farm 4000+ Legion Tokens)

3-Fudengdang(Current: 2,5000 Legion Tokens, pluss 1500 on all merge, total 4000+ Legion Tokens)

4-Tollymon(Current 1000-2000+ Legion Tokens, pluss all merge(1500 Legion Tokens)Total 2500-3500 Legion Tokens. A Great PVP-er in-game too.

5-Matthewng (Current 1000-1500+ Legion Tokens, pluss the all merge items( 1500 Legion Tokens), total 2500-3500+ legion Tokens

6-Palkia0306(Current 1,500+ Legion Tokens, pluss all merge( 1500 Legion Token)Total 3000-3500 Legion Tokens

7- Lord Escherions( 500-2000+ Legion Tokens, pluss all merge items( 1500 Legion Tokens) Total 2500-3000+ Legion Tokens

8- Maximus Corvinus( Hardcore farmer, have all Merge(1500 Legion Tokens), but current Legion Tokens is 1000-2500+, total 2000-2500+ )

9- RainbowStar99( Hardcore farmer, she has got all Merge items( 1500 Legion Tokens), current: 500-2000+ Legion Tokens)Total 1500-2000+

10- Sarah Hearts( She has left the game since 2011, she was a Great, Epic and maybe one of the most famous Player/Farmer ever had!!!!!!)

Date of writing: 07.03.2012

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Q: Who are the famous players in aqw?
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Who are the most famous players in aqw?

This is a list of the top ten most famous AQW players. This List Consists of NO mods. 1. Sarah Hearts 2. Dragonblade4132 3. Shump 4. Valdus 5. u9u9u9 6. Pure 7. Shadow 8. Al 9. red 10. Phoenix

What is trade in aqworlds?

There is no trade in AQW between players.

Are private servers in AQW illegal if so are the players arrested or the creators of the private server arrested?

If there is anything copied from the AQW(AdventureQuest Worlds) data and AE(Artix Entertainment) finds out who they are, they can press charges and disable the players AQW accounts. So,what that means is,you won't get 'arrested' you will get in BIG trouble and get your AQW account disabled and your Private Server closed down.

How do you get tiklish zorbo sword in aqw?

who wants to get ticklish zorbo ticket, will have to dance on the hard mode.((( the famous character aqw-Morvios)))

How do you get to miltonius's house on aqw?

type: /house miltonius works on other players as well

How to get drakath's armor free in aqw?

Simple answer: you can't. His armor has not yet been made an item for players to use.

When was Famous Players-Lasky created?

Famous Players-Lasky was created in 1916.

How do you unlock the achievement kung food on aqw?

You get it from Thanksgiving by attacking other players with food. You can do it on thanksgivig day.This is player mujahid11

How did AQWorlds xyo get famous?

He's not really famous on AQW like artix, Cysero, ect... he's just famous for his awsome video making about AQW on youtube. <<<<<THIS GUY IS WRONG Xyo was originally famous for his videos, but that was just a start. He went into programming and helped make AQWorlds Private servers and the emulators. He also helped make some trainers and hacks.

When was Famous Players Film Company created?

Famous Players Film Company was created on 1912-05-08.

Where do you go to get beseker bunny in aqw?

You can get this during the Easter event, you see many players with this because it was fairly easy to get in the last Easter event.

How do you be mod in aqw?

you can be a od in aqw if aqw or battleon games invite you