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Amanda, Leo, Angelina, Kylie, Ruby, Dustin, Mrs. Grayson, Stephanie, Mom, Dad

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Q: Who are 10 characters in 11 birthdays?
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What are the names of all the characters in the book 11 birthdays?

amanda ellerby and leo fitzpatrick

What is an example of figurative language in the book 11 Birthdays?

In the book "11 Birthdays," an example of figurative language is when the characters describe an intense feeling of disappointment as "a gut-wrenching punch in the stomach." This comparison helps readers understand the depth of the emotion experienced by the characters.

What are some things you can do before you're 11?

Celebrate birthdays 1-10.

How do you get at age 11?

you have had 11 birthdays

When is Amanda and Leo's birthday in 11 birthdays?

Their birthdays are on July 11 which is birthday too. lol

Who are the characters in the book 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass?

The main characters in "11 Birthdays" by Wendy Mass are Amanda, Leo, and Grace. They are three friends who find themselves celebrating their eleventh birthdays together due to a mysterious curse that keeps repeating their special day until they can break the cycle by making amends.

What are the soul eater characters birthdays?

im not tellin you

Is there a sequel to 11 birthdays?


When is Envy from FMA birthday?

There are no defined birthdays for Himekawa's characters.

When is all the Sonic the Hedgehogs Characters Birthdays?

June 23rd

What is the theme 11 birthdays?

The theme of "11 Birthdays" is friendship, magic and forgiveness. The genre is fantasy if you wanted to know that too. :)

What is Amandas sisters name in 11 birthdays?

In the book "11 Birthdays" by Wendy Mass, Amanda's sister's name is Jessica.