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Alec Baldwin

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Q: Who actor in the newest capital one venture card commerial?
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What is the name of the black male actor in the all state commerial?

Dennis Haysbert

Who is the actor riding a bike in the ace hardware commerial?

Lex medlin. Plays Owen french on drop dead diva

Who is is the newest actor in the state farm commercials when his parents try to kick him out?

The newest actor in the State Farm commercials where his parents try to kick him out is Kevin Mimms.

Who is the black actor in the newest Advair commercial with the little goatee?

Jim Coleman

What actor is featured as the sheriff in the newest 5 hour energy commercials?

James Horan

Who is the black actor that is the spokesman for Capital One?

Samuel L Jackson is the African American actor currently in the Capital One commercials.,

Which actor's maiden directorial venture 'Dances with Wolves' won 7 Academy Awards?

Kevin Costner.

What is dr spocks name in real life?

The actor? Leonard nimoy. Or Zachary quinto in the newest film.

Who is the male actor in the newest Miller Light commercial whom is referred to as a momma's boy?

Wesley Jonathan

Who is the actor in the newest harvey's commercial 2012?

It sort of looks like Morgan Kelly to me, but I'm not sure if it is him.

Who is the actor in Capital One commercial?

Alec baldwin

When do you know who the new Doctor Who is?

It was already announced in 2014. The newest Doctor is played by an actor who's name is Peter Capaldi.