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The whitish discharge from the piercing is lymphatic matter and will do not harm it's the normal discharge a piercing will create as it's healing.

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Q: White gunk comes out of your ear piercing hole?
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Where is the hole in the head with the gunk clogging it up at?

in the corner

If you have had a belly button piercing for 6 weeks now. The hole is still a bit white and crusty around the ring and sometimes puss comes out. Is that ok?

No, that is not OK. Remove the piercing, try rinsing with a mild disinfectant(like a saline solution), let the infection clear up.

The hole underneath your tongue piercing has turned white is this infected or just healing?

This is normal and just part of the healing phase for your tongue piercing, this will go away in a few days.

Does lip piercing scar?

Well its not necessarily that they scar, but its almost as if the hole where the piercing was never goes away. Yes the hole closes, but you can still see where the piercing was.

What does piercing do to your skin?

Puts a hole in it.

If someone has their nose pierced have a cold and take their nose ring out Does snot come out of the piercing hole?

no, the piercing hole is too small.

Will you have a permanent hole in your ear after removing a cartilage piercing?

All piercing shrink down once the piercing is fully healed and the jewellery is removed, yes the hole is pretty much permanent.

Can i remove my nose piercing?

Certainly. With time, the hole created from the piercing will heal over.

Where could one find out how to get rid of the gunk that builds up in a slug hole?

There is no resource that can be found to learn how to get rid of the gunk that builds up in a slug hole. One can find information about slugs and their behavior at websites such as Velvet Dragon and Slug Off.

What do you call a hole piercing tool?


What is the art of applying studs called?

Hole piercing

Can you see a hole when you take off your piercing?

Depends on the piercing some times you can some times you can't.