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I have a fhzero yo-yo and a pulse it depends whether you want a counterweight and wide adjustable string gap yo-yo or a light-up yo-yo with good balance and ball bearing. fh stands for freehand yo-yo

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Q: Which yoyo is better FH-zero or pulse or reflex?
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Why do yoyo's not work?

Yoyo's work fine. Unless they are broken, in which case you need to get a better yoyo.

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Why is the yoyo jam and yoyo fatory better than duncan?

because they have more advanced and better quality yoyos

Is yoyojam legacy yoyo better than the yoyojam dark magic yoyo?

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About 1-2 mins. its a good yoyo but the maverich is better.

What is better bow r yoyo in flyff?

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Does the duncan yoyo called the reflex sleep?

Yes, it can, but you must throw it really hard with sheer power, and the recoil is hurting yourself if you don't do it right.You have to practice a lot to do it perfectly.

Who is Duncan Yoyo?

Duncan yoyo's are a brand of yoyo toys. A man named Duncan was the founder of a yoyo company that he had purchased and then sold his yoyo toys. They are a famous brand.

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