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A slinky (of the correct size) can walk down the stairs.

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Q: Which toy has the ability to walk down the stairs?
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How do you make a slinky toy walk across a flat surface not on stairs?

You put it in walking position, then you blow on it as hard as you can. It'll walk in a jiffy then!

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"The little boys made a ruckus rolling toy cars down the stairs."

Does a slinky toy spring walking down stairs require energy or release energy?

The "slinky toy walking down the stairs" requires an initial impetus or push (a gain in inertial energy) from the user, then it both gains and releases gravitational and inertial energy during the remainder of it's 'walk'. There is no free lunch with energetic systems (whether we discuss a 'slinky' or the expansion of the universe); An initial source of energy must be present and must be imparted to the system for the system to do work. Simply dropping a ball from your hand and observing it impact the ground requires, at a minimum, the gravitational potential energy of the earth imparted to the ball.

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Which toy car rolls the farthest down a ramp?

A plastic toy car

What is toy slinky?

well you stand it up on the stairs and pull it over to the other stair and then it will keep flipping over to the next stair!

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What you first need to do is buy either good treats or a really fun toy. Everytime you go for a walk with your dog make sure to bring then along. When you come upon the fox droppings get out a treat or the toy. Tell your dog to leave it while standing up straight with the treat or toy. Calmly walk by and once the dog leaves it praise him/her and give him/her the treat or toy. Everytime you go for a walk do this and gradualy back off from the treats or toy and just praise your dog. Sooner or later he/she will no longer even care that the fox droppings are there.

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