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Q: Which southern colony originally outlawed slavery?
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Which southern colony originally slavery?

South Carolina

What colony first outlawed slavery?


Why did the middle colony have slavery?

They didn't have slavery. Only the southern did.

What did Georgia's founders originally ban from the colony?


What problems did the southern colony face?

slavery swampy land

In which region of the 13 colonies did slavery expand most rapidly during the 1700s?

The southern colony grew quickly, which is expanding. So its the Southern colony.

What colonies had slavery?

The southern colony, some of the middle colony and I m not sure about the new england. Hoped it helped:D

What southern state was settled by debtors?

Georgia was originally settled as a debtors' colony.

Who was the southern colony Georgia founded by?

James Oglethorpe in 1733 sailed to what is near present day Savannah were a series of settlements and forts were constructed that ultimately became the colony of Georgia. It was intended to be a debtor's haven and act as a buffer between Spanish Florida and British North America. Moreover, Oglethorpe actually had slavery outlawed when the colony was first founded, but because of trying economic times and from social pressures, he eventually allowed slavery to take hold of the colony which led to an economic boom in the region.

Which colony had the largest slave population new England middle or southern?

Southern. Middle and New England colonies didn't have slavery, but they did have discrimination.

Because Georgia's founders wanted a colony of small farms rather than large plantations they originally banned?


Is Georgia a middle colony a new England colony or a southern colony?

It was a southern colony.