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Q: Which social media site has the most users?
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What is A special space on a social media site in which users can post what they are doing is called a?

Status update

Which social media website was the most recent to be launched?

The most recent and the fast gaining popularity social media or social networking site is Pinterest

Which social media site was the most recent to be launched?


Write Five examples of social media accessible today?

Here are some of the top Social Media sites;Facebook- considered as the top social media sites when it comes to numbers of users. As of second week of September 2011 it ranks 2nd most popular site in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings.Youtube- 3rd most popular site according to Alexa Trafiic ranking.Twitter- a micro-blogging site which rank 11th on Alexa Traffic ranking.Google+- launch on June 2011, and considered as Google's entry to social media landscape after failing on its previous social media sites Orkut and Google Buzz.

Is Twitter a blogging site?

Hi,My name is Robert Davis. I live in the United States of America. Actually, Twitter is not a Blogging site. Twitter is a Social Media site. This social media site is a popular site in the world. WordPress is a Blogging site.

How many people are on the social networking site Orkut?

Orkut has over 33,000,000 active users worldwide. Most of the users are from Brazil and the site requires registration to take part in it. There are 48 languages on the site.

With which social media platform does Mass Relevance partner with?

The social media platform that Mass Relevance partners with is Twitter, which is the second best and most used social networking site in the US, after Facebook.

In some year the number of active users using a social media website was 10 million fewer than double the number of active users using a newspaper website. If the two sites had a total of 170?

According to the information provided n the question, which is clearly incorrect, the only consistent answer is that there were 3333390 users of the newspaper website and -3333220 (yes, a negative number) users of the social media site.

When was social media invented?

A site called "" was the first social media site on the internet. It was launched on 1997, and allowed users to create profiles, list their friends and surf the friend's lists. It promoted itself as a tool to help people connect with and send messages to others. While SixDegrees attracted millions of users, it failed to become a sustainable business and, in 2000, the service was closed.

What social networking site with has 500 million users?

Facebook has over 500 million users

How do I check social media sites?

For someone to check their social media site status they simply need to log in to the website.

What is the best social networking site in 2012?

Pinterest is one of the most popular and most gained users within short period of time.

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