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"SWAT" and "Soldier" are not ranks, they are titles.

SWAT is the acronym for "Special Weapons And Tactics," a unit of most law enforcement agencies. They have little to do with the military. The military does not utilize SWAT units.

Soldiers, are enlisted members of the Army or Marines (Air Force is Airmen, Navy and Coast Guard is Sailors). All are referred to generically as Service Members.

It is difficult to put a qualitative difference to either SWAT members or Soldiers. Ostensibly, both do the job they do for honorable reasons. The reality, however, is as specific and unique as the individual.

Both SWAT officers, and soldiers are deputized throughout the US, and may apprehend and detain anyone they witness involved in a felony. While soldiers are not law enforcement officers, they still retain some of that authority.

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Q: Which rank is higher SWAT or soldier?
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