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A combo of Mifpristone and Misoprostol that you get from the doctor.

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Q: Which pills can stop pregnancy at early stage?
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What can be done to stop pregnancy quickly in early stage?

Don't make sex

Will pregNancy stop pills stop pregnancy?

I'm sorry but I can not find anything about any pills called PregNancy stop pills. Please check for the name of the medicine again.

How do you stop pregnancy after one month period not happen?

You have to see a doctor for an abortion. This early it can be done by pills or suction.

How do you stop pregnancy in early stage?

Early stages? To avoid pregnancy you get on birthcontrol. Go to your ob-gyn and they will show you. If you are already pregnant only abortion by a doctor will be safe.

How early will the combination birth control pills work?

It will stop ovulation & prevent pregnancy when you've been taking it for 4 weeks.

What the best effective pill to stop pregnancy at the early stage?

The doctor will give you a combo of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. That is the best and tested treatment.

Will the white discharge stop when you are in very early stage of pregnancy?

White discharge is often a sign of an STI anyhow you should see a doctor

How can you stp a pregnancy after 3 weeks?

You can not stop it using pills. You have to do abortion.

How do you safe from pregnancy?

If you are a male, use a condom. A female, Use a femidom. Or you can take pills to stop the pregnancy.

What other symptoms can occur after you stop taking birth control pills?


Does loestrin20 stop pregnancy?

Birth control pills prevent pregnancy, they don't terminate it once it's a fact.

Which color birth control pill stops period early?

There is no pill like that. The different pills in a pill pack mean different things. The white ones are active pills that have the hormones to prevent pregnancy, the brown pills are inactive that just keep you in the habit of taking the pills. Some brown pills contain iron, but they don't stop you're period.