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the urethra ANSWER: The part that's not attached to you.....

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Q: Which part of the penis does semen come out?
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How do you make semen come out of a penis?

Semen is only realized from a penis during ejaculation.

What do young men do to make semen come out their penis?

Most likely masturbate!

What are the fluids that come out of a mans penis?

It is called semen and a couple other too!

Where is semen produced in the penis?

Its not. Semen is produced in the testis & the prostate.

What part of the penis adds special liquids sperm to make semen?


What is it called when you pump semen out of the penis?

Ejaculation is the term meaning releasing semen from the penis.

Where does semen come from other then your penis?

Your testicles supply the sperm and the prostate secretes the carrier fluid.

How do you get semen to come out of your penis?

Well, you just have to masturbate. Put your hand on your erect penis and move it up and down you can choose the speed and the tightness of the hand until you feel like you are on top of the world, then the semen ejaculates. Easy! (remember to clean up afterwards semen is very sticky).

At what age does semen come from your penis?

i started ejaculating around 13 or 14. it scared the *@!& out of me when it happened the first time

When semen leaves a organ what is that called?

It is called ejaculation. Semen leaving the penis.

What does emission of semen mean?

It means the release of semen from the prostate through the penis.

What is the name of the tube within the penis that carries semen to the outside of the body?

The tube in the penis that carries semen and urine to the outside of the body is the urethra.

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